Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fermín, glorias del tango | A new film | DVD & Rental Available

A new film from Hernan Findling and Oliver Kolker...

DVD now available:!shop/c10m8

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Interview with Oliver re: Kickstarter campaign:

Interview with Oliver, en Espanol:

Fermin is set primarily in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fermin Tundera (Hector Alterio) is an 85 year-old patient at a typical "third-world" public hospital being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. It has been decades since Fermin was committed to the institution yet his condition has not improved. Ezequiel Kaufman (Gaston Pauls) is a 33 year-old psychiatrist who comes on the scene to treat the difficult patient and discovers that he is only able to communicate by using the cryptic lyrics of Tango, a peculiar characteristic indeed.

We witness a wonderful doctor / patient relationship develop as we are periodically taken back in time to Fermin's younger years as one of the most popular tango dancers in 1940s Buenos Aires. In an effort to better understand his patient, the young ambitious doctor finds himself immersed in the tango world. Not only does Ezequiel find passion in this beautiful dance but also finds love when he meets Fermin's beautiful grandaughter, Eva (Antonella Costa), herself a popular tango dancer.

Fermin's condition steadily improves as we ultimately learn the reason for his peculiar illness.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We just have to put our souls to it(edit)

As Irina says, "Very motivational." I'm struck with the realization that I never knew what my dad's true dreams and motivations and ambitions were in life. He died at 54, from lung cancer, when I was 22. I never thought to ask him, sadly, not even on his death-bed.
That generation, the children of The Depression, the children of the mindset of the life-long job and stability and the white picket fence and doing what society expected of them and retirement and The Gold Watch, surely must have sacrificed many personal soul/heart dreams, but at the same time, accomplished so much. 
They raised us, and were instrumental in who we are today. And who we are today are the ones charged with the course correction, the new dreamers dreaming a new, sustainable dream for humanity, of making the world a better and more moral and just place, and returning the planet to the  healthy vital verdant gorgeous organism of interdependent finely tuned life giving life affirming systems that she once was. We can do it. We just have to put our souls to it.