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On the subject of partner rotation in classes...

On the subject of PARTNER ROTATION IN CLASSES...a woman recently invited me to take a class with her for an upcoming workshop, because she said, the last workshop she took there was a reluctance (refusal?) amongst attendees to rotate, and the teacher didn't impress upon them the benefits nor actually insist on rotation.

It's really a disservice to both leader and follower not to insist on partner rotation (in a fun, non-off-putting way). In my experience, there are nuances in both roles that manifest with different partners that are critical to learning proper vocabulary and "grammar".

Not to mention the psychological and social aspects - ice breaking, meeting new people, community building, getting people out of their comfort zone, and last but not least, letting those new to tango know that tango is a social dance, to be danced with multiple partners, not just their spouse or significant other or practice partner or preferred partner.

If leaders can't effectively lead whatever is being taught with every follower in the room, then they aren't really leading it, and worse, they haven't learned the lead as truly/madly/deeply as they could have.

Lastly, kind and compassionate mutual feedback/constructive criticism - in the spirit of giving/helping/learning - between lead and follow is hugely critical. I want followers to tell me what they are getting/feeling from/with my lead, obviously only in a class/practica setting, as well as give me feedback if my left arm is too far forward/back/too high, if my right arm is too tight, if I'm not opening up and giving room in the molinete, etc and all of the multitudinous nuances of the embrace, etc. I do my best to adjust to each follower - I call it equilibration - but you never really know without feedback. The key being kind/compassionate/constructive.

And obviously this goes both ways - leader feedback to the follower(s) - I've written this from a leader's perspective.

And also, this comes from a former non-rotation/rotator who learned the error of his ways very early on.

Anyway, just thought I would put this out there...

Anyone have any examples of wording/approach/games, etc to facilitate rotation...?

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UC Berkley NPR Fresh Air Racist Housing Policy

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