Friday, February 26, 2016

Our own governance

Y'all do realize… that whoever is elected as POTUS… that the hard work is just beginning… and that we can no longer sit back on our heels and watch as spectators…we are all collectively going to have to get involved in our own governance...writing, emailing, and calling our elected assholes… and marching and demonstrating and flying flags and banners and bumper stickers…and attending and speaking/out (frequently! I propose one night or day each week) and maybe even being ever-so-slightly civilly disobedient and getting off of our collective asses and doing the right thing and doing the thing right to help/show our elected assholes and their minions how it's done and that we will no longer stand for obstruction and mismanagement and misdeeds and county state national school boards electrical co-op boards water development boards water control districts citizen police oversight boards economic development boards and citizen boards and entities of all kinds...because, as we all know, it's been very fucked up for a very long time and it's fucked up because of our 50 years of apathy and willful oblivion and chasing dollars above all else and our profound "belusion" (belief/delusion) that our ONE AND ONLY civic responsibility in a democracy is to vote....



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Monday, February 22, 2016


Let the beating of the drum open the doorway to clarity with this free guided meditation with davidji. The choices you make, the fork in the road, the first step, the habit, the addiction, the stance you take, all point to that place inside that the ego forgets to remember. Let the air flow freely as the thoughts drift away. Bongo beats and soothing sounds offer an invitation from the universe to return to that quiet place within, to the wisdom of creation ,so you can clearly see and without the mind. Ruminate softly on the questions posed, keeping the mind out of it, and going deeper into the intuition of your soul. You know what you need. You already know what steps to take. Let the answers cross your heart and fortify your resolve. The one step becomes the fabric of your life. Plant your intentions in the fertile soil of your heart and your soul, and begin to live as you were destined. This is an excellent meditation to use when you feel you are at a crossroads, facing a life-changing decision, to clear the mind and open the heart - for the answer that is ultimate alignment with who you are.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

"Keep Dancing" Documentary :: Watch Free for a limited time!

I'm hugely grateful to have tango in my life. If I make it to 90, in the year 2050, I will have been dancing tango for 47 years  - over half of my life. Perhaps my walk will not suck by then, and maybe I will have advanced beyond beginner, and maybe even deserve to be called a Milonguero. 

Here's an award winning short documentary (21 mins) about two Broadway dancers, both 90 years young, who still dance twice a week in a rented studio in New York City.

Watch the  award-winning short film, Keep Dancing. Free for a limited time only!

"Singularly endearing!" - The New York Times
"Keep Dancing is a testament to the vitality of existence." - Slash Film
"Elegant gem of a film" - City Arts
"Enchantingly inspiring film!" - Backstage

After celebrated careers, legendary dancers Marge Champion and Donald Saddler became friends while performing together in the Broadway Show Follies in 2001. When the show closed, they decided to rent a private studio together, and they have been choreographing and rehearsing original dances ever since. At age 90, they continue to pursue their passion for life through their love and mastery of dance. Keep Dancing seamlessly blends nine decades of archival film and photographs with present-day footage to tell a story through dance of the passing of time and the process of aging.

Official Selection at South by Southwest, Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center, Silverdocs, Sedona International Film Festival and over 25 other international film festivals. Nominated for the IDA Short Documentary of the Year Award.