Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Big Fix :: It Breaks My Heart

"We're no better than a third-world country." "The Gulf of Mexico is the toilet for the entire country." This breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that it happened in the first place. That all of the environmental disasters that have happened, happened in the first place. That it continues to happen. And it continues to be covered up, with our Federal Government and its "bought" regulators complicit in the cover ups. It breaks my heart that we are all complicit in all of these acts. We are complicit in that we look the other way, and go about our business as if nothing is wrong.

It breaks my heart.

Here's the link to Jeff Goodell's piece in Rolling Stone Magazine titled "The Poisoning".

Matthew Simmons, outspoken critic of BP, Founder and Chairman of The Ocean Energy Institute, "drowns" in his hot tub - read more here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

In my heart of hearts, a note to my friend Sam

I think the momentum of apathy is too great - which goes to the premises set forth in the book "American Mania, When More Is Not Enough". The author, psychologist Peter C, Whybrow presents a well-founded,  research-based treatise of the genetic roots of the more, more, more, bigger, faster, better, richer undertow of "The American Dream"/Delusion. Perhaps as the enviropoliticalsocioeconomic collapse begins to unfold in the coming years, catastrophic death rates in the U.S., in the hundreds of thousands, might wake us up from our junk food junk media junk everything  drug/alcohol/HFCS/RealityTV induced torpor. To the point that we might come together in a time of crisis (see book by Rebecca Solnit) and live up to the full potential of humanity and the human individual.  Or not. And then descend further into our oblivious oblivion, accelerating the demise of "modern" "civilization". Which may not be a bad thing, which may actually be evolution and natural population controls in their most brutally elegant intelligent design. Sam, I know you know the indigenous and long-term sustainable way of life of our not so distant past may very well have been the beautiful and divine apex of human "civilization". Passed up in our collective apathy and overpopulated epidemic cognitive impoverishment of the last few hundred years. Passed up, but not forgotten,  an equilibrium state that I hope in my heart of hearts, with a smile on my face,  and some tango in my step, will return to our Mother Earth. It has to. I feel it in my gut. It all makes me want to be a better man. And that seems to be the most difficult part. Perhaps my great-grandchildren will know it, should they come into being. In a way I would not wish that upon them. Wish what is to come upon them. I wish for something better for them, something that is absent or rare today. A sustainable and connected and beautiful way of life. Not that this one isn't beautiful, but that is another story, for another time. In the meantime, all I can do is muddle my way toward it, and toward being a better man. Namaste, my friend.

Sam is tango/FB friend up there under The Big Sky, whom I have yet to meet in real life...this is a comment to a thread /post of his in FB that started out on the subject of "The Long Emergency" - our inevitable move away from a hydrocarbon based economy/society...

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