Monday, February 8, 2010

Tango Lyrics Database

Pinta Brava Cover Art

From Hans in the Netherlands, posted to the Yahoo Group "Tango Lyrics" ::

Hello everybody,

I am new to this group, and tango lyrics have interested me since many

In january we started a small Tango school in Amsterdam ( Netherlands ),
and on our website we added a large database of tango lyrics.

On you will find more than 13.000 lyrics: tangos, candombes, valses, chacareras, zambas etc., mostly of course in Spanish, but sometimes a translation in English is available.

This database is based for a great part on the list that could be found
on tango.informatik.uni-muenchen, but that database disappeared from the
internet a few years ago. Many hundreds of tango lovers cooperated to
create that list, and without them the database would not have been

We would like to complete the list even further, so if you find a lyric
that is missing from this database, we will gladly add it to the
collection. In the last few weeks dozens of lyrics have been added
We welcome also your commentaries and questions.

It is quite simple to find the lyric of your choice: Go to the page
'Tango lyrics', hit the button "zoeken" ( = search ) on the left , take
just a part of the title, put it between the wildcards % , and hit
"verzenden' ( = send ) ( % peru% will bring you all the valses
peruanos :-) ).

If you prefer to search in the entire list, hit 'hele lijst' ( =
complete list ), although that function doesn't seem to work on some
older browsers....We'll have to work on that.

Hope you like it. Best regards,


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