Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Big Fix :: It Breaks My Heart

"We're no better than a third-world country." "The Gulf of Mexico is the toilet for the entire country." This breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that it happened in the first place. That all of the environmental disasters that have happened, happened in the first place. That it continues to happen. And it continues to be covered up, with our Federal Government and its "bought" regulators complicit in the cover ups. It breaks my heart that we are all complicit in all of these acts. We are complicit in that we look the other way, and go about our business as if nothing is wrong.

It breaks my heart.

Here's the link to Jeff Goodell's piece in Rolling Stone Magazine titled "The Poisoning".

Matthew Simmons, outspoken critic of BP, Founder and Chairman of The Ocean Energy Institute, "drowns" in his hot tub - read more here.

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