Monday, May 6, 2013

Orphans Over Orchids - This Mother's Day

Bouquets are beautiful, but will you consider a new way to celebrate Mother's Day on May 12th?  


Before your day and week gets crazy… click through to joy with us!  Now you can applaud good moms and instantly give a wonderful,real childhood to 100 kids who don't have one-- yet.  With your help, they will!


Please join me,  Caroline Boudreaux, and UNICEF Ambassador Tea Leoni in our exciting "Orphans Over Orchids" $100,000 Global Challenge, and enjoy this authentic and meaningful way to celebrate Mother's Day. With a few clicks now, you can make an immediate, permanent and trackable difference in the health, happiness (and future) for an entireorphanage of 100 boys and girls halfway around the world.  (


We're really gaining momentum for Orphans Over Orchids but we need YOU.  Crowdfunding campaigns through secure sites like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter magicallycatch fire quickly when people go online and check it out, and your contribution can be anonymous.  You can help quickly fund pet projects for as little as $25without ever being asked for more!


Here are 5 ½ easy ways to make a difference in the Orphans Over Orchids global challenge NOW:


•             Go to and see video of CarolineBoudreaux, the outstanding social entrepreneur who founded The Miracle Foundation and is revolutionizing the way orphanages are run worldwide.  Click on the Give a Mother's Day Gift tab and decide from there.  CLICK THRUS COUNT!

•             Post "Orphans Over Orchids" links and recommend on Facebook

•             Tweet about Orphans Over Orchids!

•             PLEASE forward this email to your entire list

•             Donate.  Click on Give a Gift  (Mothers and grandmothers, ask for this or donate too!)  You will get a downloadable Mother's Day e-card, or you can email it to any mom you want!


Right here from Austin, The Miracle Foundation is successfully combatting corruption and transforming virtual warehouses of kids into real homes, with fantastic results that are closely monitored.  By joining the Orphans Over Orchids challenge, you can ensure delivery of100 childhoods with loving trained housemothers, clean water, good food, cozy beds AND an excellent education with life skills training.  ( )   


IS there a better possible present for Mother's Day?.


And if the Miracle Foundation gets more than $100,000?  We'll uplift another orphanage!  You can track our way to success, then read all of the publicity about Orphans Over Orchids it next week. 


On behalf of Caroline, Tea and the beautiful kids—THANK YOU!

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