Friday, February 26, 2016

Our own governance

Y'all do realize… that whoever is elected as POTUS… that the hard work is just beginning… and that we can no longer sit back on our heels and watch as spectators…we are all collectively going to have to get involved in our own governance...writing, emailing, and calling our elected assholes… and marching and demonstrating and flying flags and banners and bumper stickers…and attending and speaking/out (frequently! I propose one night or day each week) and maybe even being ever-so-slightly civilly disobedient and getting off of our collective asses and doing the right thing and doing the thing right to help/show our elected assholes and their minions how it's done and that we will no longer stand for obstruction and mismanagement and misdeeds and county state national school boards electrical co-op boards water development boards water control districts citizen police oversight boards economic development boards and citizen boards and entities of all kinds...because, as we all know, it's been very fucked up for a very long time and it's fucked up because of our 50 years of apathy and willful oblivion and chasing dollars above all else and our profound "belusion" (belief/delusion) that our ONE AND ONLY civic responsibility in a democracy is to vote....



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