Sunday, December 10, 2017

More on the shrinking of Bears Ears National Monument by the Supreme Piece of Shit Donald Trump

Follow the money. Here's a good start to R&D (reading and downloading [into one's brain]) on the subject of "more on the shrinking of bears ears national monument by the supreme piece of shit donald trump"

Scroll down below the video for the links...the WaPo article is obviously Juliet Eilperin

Across the Colorado Plateau, irresponsibly operated uranium mills have devastated landscapes and communities including Moab and Monticello, Utah. The Trust is currently working to prevent another chapter of this toxic legacy from occurring at White Mesa. Located just three miles from the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe’s White Mesa community on Highway 191, between Bluff and Blanding, the White Mesa Uranium Mill processes uranium from mines across the Colorado Plateau as well as radioactive waste imported from toxic sites across North America.

The White Mesa Uranium Mill is the United States' only operating conventional uranium mill, but it's owned and operated by Energy Fuels Inc., a Canadian corporation.

Half Life: America's Last Uranium Mill from Grand Canyon Trust on Vimeo.

Washington Post Article by Juliet Eilperin:

Grand Canyon Trust White Mesa Mill (in Blanding, Utah) Project Page:

Wiki page on Uranium Mining:

Energy Fuels, Inc. 2016 Annual Report SEC Form 10-K:

Energy Fuels, Inc. Website:

Energy Fuels Inc White Mesa Mill Uranium Processing Facility Blanding Utah


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