Wednesday, March 18, 2009

El Pibe Avellaneda & Luna Palacios :: Salon Canning


n a n c y said...

I would hope that every leader who watches this notices how much El Pibe bends his knees while walking, but especially when doing giros. To me, this is the biggest difference between the older Argentines and all other tangueros. He rarely straightens either leg. This makes for such a smooth and easy giro for the woman who gets that energy as it springs up from the floor. It is so lovely to be carried along with that rise and fall and it saves the knees and back from awkward torques.

Does anyone actually teach this?

Syarzhuk said...

It seems that his partner is so short he has to bend everywhere to bring himself down to her level. His knees, waist and neck are bent throughout the video. I'd like to see him dancing with a tall partner to compare.