Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lost in Argentina

Ruh roh...

Alledgedly, the Governor of South Carolina had gone hiking on the Appalachian Trail for a solo vacation. As it turns out, he was actually in Argentina. It looks like his absence caused a great deal of speculation as to his whereabouts.

I wonder if tango in the mecca drew him there?

I haven't read the article, but here is the link:

This guy is my kinda governor.

Update @ 6:40pm

I wrote this before the news of the 'affair' broke. Just to clarify, he would have been my kinda governor, had he just chosen to disappear to Buenos Aires for a few days. He would have been my kind of governor had he not wanted to tell anyone where the fuck he was going. He would have been my kind of governor (politician) to not play by the rules. He would have been my kind of governor if he were a Democrat and not a Republican. I'm not going to judge him about his affair, nor his handling of it. Relationships are imperfect. Men are imperfect. Very imperfect.

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Liz Hensley said...

And Mrs. S. is my kind of Governor's wife, because she DIDN'T attend the "I apologize" press conference and subject herself to the lascivious curiosity of the mob. Way to go, girl.