Sunday, September 6, 2009

BBQ & Blogging in Real Time

So, we're not at the Denver Labor Day Tango Fest. Oh well. There will be others. Dos Equis cervezas, muy frias. Slow cooked pork tenderloin, green beans and yellow/orange bell peppers on the grill. Somehow I have become something of a master bbq'er, even if I do say so myself.

The tango deck was a higher priority. I'm calling it a tango deck, but it will be a multi-purpose facility. Dinners al fresco with friends and family, birdwatching, sleeping under the stars, working out with the dumbbells, and last but not least, a stage of sorts for making music.

There's a deer, a doe, a fe~male deer, about 50 feet to my left right now. I can hear the squeaking sound as she pulls the blades of grass up. There is quite a menagerie of wildlife (and domesticated animals) right under our noses. More about that later.

So here are some photos of what I've been up to for the past few weeks. In my spare time while I'm restin'.

The bbq pics are real time. The deck pics, with the chair and plants, were taken about 30 minutes ago. The chair and plants were scored at the local flea market thingamajigger. Cheap.

The cat is a new addition. Stray or feral, I'm not sure which. Friendly and purry. I think she may have to go to the pound. No kill facility, so don't fret.

The deck initially was intended to be built from a salvaged deck. The original was built on 2x10 structural framing, I needed 2x6's for this one. Plus, the deck boards were in pretty bad shape. On top of that, the idiot carpenters long ago screwed about 50% of them bark side down, so they cupped. But, for 30 year old lumber (treated), they are in good shape. I will use them on the workshop/storage shed.

No. 1 rule for decks - screw the boards down bark side up. That is, if you're using real wood. The boards will be less inclined to cup that way.

The gaps between the deck boards are less than 1/4". Better for followers to not catch their heels. Plus, I'll be sanding the thing down in spots to ensure smoothness. The boards are running the long way, so I think it will dance pretty good. No joints to cross over until you get to the end and turn to come back.

It's 12 feet by almost 40 feet. 480 square feet. 40 dancers comfortably. 50 cozy.

Kind of a "build it and they will come" thing. More to follow as things progress on that front.

Otherwise. Happy Labor Day. Happy Tango.



Structure complete

A cool chair...



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