Monday, March 1, 2010

carlitos y karina :: danza maligna

Carlos Espinoza y Karina Antonucci. How did these two miss my radar? Google is devoid of anything about them.

Thanks go to Eduardo for this find - he must have one of those new-fangled Phased Array Pulse Doppler tango radars.

Not that my tango radar is that good, or is even functioning properly any more. (Although I can pick up a flock of sandhill cranes wheeling overhead at 2,000 feet, so it must not be that bad. [grin]) I was thinking just yesterday, as I was driving or working (I can't remember which), that I should do a "life trumps tango, life trumps blog" post. To basically put the word out that I've been busy these days and not writing much. Hell, not writing my ass. I continue to draw blanks about anything to write about tango related. I'm feeling very out of the tango loop - and missing my tango friends in the far corners of my world.

I was able to conjure up a topic yesterday after all, albeit a very old one - "Energy in the Molinete" - old in the time continuum of this blog. I remember our little tango group in Aspen debating this one ad nauseum - having drinks and a late-night snack at Jimmy's after tango class. Perhaps it was me debating and the others experiencing the ad nauseum. The gist of my drift is that in the ideal molinete, the follower takes over the leads "energy" as she takes her "back-side-front" steps. She doesn't take over the lead itself, she doesn't back lead, but just assumes the dominant/active/athletic energy, and then relinquishes it when the lead ends the molinete.

When this happens, it's amazing. It is subtle but intense. Two followers who/m I know can do this. Or rather, do it all the time by default. One in Atlanta. One in Denver.

Anyway, perhaps I'll expand on the subject when I have more time. It's a little more esoteric/abstract and difficult to explain and conceive of in here...I dunno...we'll see.

Happy tangos y'all...check out Carlitos y Karina...can anyone tell us more about them?

Oh, and the song is "Danza Maligna" by Enrique of my favorites...


Bruno Afonso said...

I know what you mean. It's amazing. I know one person that does it but it doesn't always work. :-)

Margo Romero said...

This is Carlitos, the other part of "Carlitos & Mamié", tango dancers from Santiago (my home town), Chile. They're dancing at "El Cachafaz" probably one of the most sophisticated tango bars in Santiago. Carlitos and Mamié met dancing, I believe they had been dancing for two years (Carlitos around 5 maybe and Mamié 2 years), when Mamié had to go abroad to get a Master's in Paris. Carlitos followed her and they went out tango dancing one night at a Paris tango bar. The Parisians were delighted and invited them again and again to demonstrate. Then they asked them to teach... a couple of months later C&M began receiving invitations from other European countries to teach... and so, Tango changed their life. Though they still work at their regular jobs... Carlitos is a IT Engineer and Mamié a Biologist or something... they usually travel to Europe to teach, they're quite well-known there. And that just goes to show how in their case, quality ruled over quantity (of time dancing together). They been at it for 6 years now, if I'm not mistaken.

If you look for Carlitos & Mamié on You Tube you'll find tons of videos.