Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pa' Bailar :: Bajofondo :: Acura ZDX :: Austin TX

I heard tango music emanating from the boob tube a couple of days ago, and jumped up to see what it was - an Acura Commercial. When I Google'd it, I discovered it was Bajofondo's "Pa' Bailar".

Here is the Acura ZDX commercial:

Here is the full/official Bajofondo "Pa' Bailar" music video:

It's a pretty cool, and actually very hot music video. Very well done. Anyone know who the milonguero is? I'll try to do some checking and find out more about the cast of dancers. Let me know if any of you guys know anything - just leave a comment. (Thanks in advance.)

Coincidentally, Bajofondo is playing at Auditorium Shores in Austin tomorrow night - part of SXSW (South by Southwest Music & Film Festival) - or as the locals call it "South By". It's one of the few free shows during SXSW. Auditorium Shores is a vast open space next to the Colorado River (Lady Bird Lake aka Town Lake). I imagine it will accommodate 50,000 plus people - perhaps even 100k. Traffic and such will be a monumental clusterfuck. I know I shouldn't be so negative - I should look at it as a great opportunity to partake of some of the live music this town ("The Live Music Capital of the World") has to offer. I do love that about Austin, and do partake on an almost weekly basis, but I hate the traffic and parking issues.

I'll admit I'm an old fart. Okay, not that old, but sometimes I feel like an old fart. The young bucks and bambies can go at it all night long. I don't know if I can muster enough energy to deal with the hordes and the traffic and the parking - especially on a week/work night.

I would rather sleep and rest up for the festival next week. Actually, come to think of it, there is no rest for the weary. I'll be at sweetpiehoneybunchdarlin'heart's ThirdCoast SXSW Showcase gig.

Bajofondo live in Austin. A whole slew of Austin tango folks dancing, I think. I hope. It will be good large scale exposure and tango PR for the Austin tango community.

In the words of Martha Stewart - "It's a good thing."


Alex said...

Picky Talarico is the Director of the music video...

Alberto said...

We, folks of a certain age thank you for calling any old fart with white hair and a belly, a milonguero.

It appears to me that the fellow you refer to is a guy they called El pibe Sarandi, Ricardo Maceiras.

Don't quote me though, my eyesight is not as good since I reached "milonguero" status.

Smiling big,