Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We're doing just fine...

To the folks who think we're doing just fine, that we're on the right path/trajectory, on a sustainable path...politically, economically, morally...I offer this, my reply to a comment on something I posted on Facebook yesterday...Wow, I'm finding difficulty in understanding how you could feel that we're on the right path/a good path as a nation/a people/a feeling is that we are screwing up (in big ways) pretty much across the board...environment/pollution/War on the EPA, economy/jobs/growth at any cost, education issues, industrial agriculture/gmo's/pesticides/herbicides/endocrine disrupters, oceans/overfishing, health/sick care/ACA/end-of-life/euthanasia, energy/climate disruption, homelessness/affordable housing, 'safety net' issues, crime/justice/prisons, the war on drugs, foreign policy/World Bank/world trade/globalism/TPP, military/actions/spending/interventions aka the war on terror, growing racism/bigotry/willful ignorance/sagebrush rebellion, growing income inequality, the war on women, tax policy/how we spend OUR money, our own profoundly dysfunctional system of governance, money in politics/Citizens United, overpopulation, continued urban sprawl, traffic/lack of mass transit, water resource issues, bank bailouts and predatory financial practices, and last but not least, my personal favorite, the growing numbers of people who drive too fast...(grin)

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