Saturday, January 20, 2018

Choreographed Architecture

More in the vein of Tango & Architecture or The Architecture of Tango, there is this related concept. It is Ciera Shaver's Master's Thesis (University of Idaho, 2015) titled "Choreographed Architecture", which "proposes an analysis of human movement as a medium to generate architectural form". Note that it is conceptualizing dance in general, not tango specifically.

Here is a very short excerpt:

"While dance and architecture initially seem like opposing forces of artistic expression, both mediums are able to engineer an emotional response, addressing human-scaled factors of design and inviting audience speculation.

In theory their end products are identical as they both utilize human intuition to challenge the typical and transform the discovered concepts into physical art forms."

Be sure to click on the "full screen" viewer button at the lower right on the issuu viewer/reader. It appears that she's disabled downloading and embedding.

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