Saturday, January 20, 2018

More Tango Architecture or Bandoneonitecture

I just ran across this. Tango Architecture. Or the Architecture of Tango, using Saxon Henry's terminology.

Or maybe Bandoneonitecture? File under "tango as a creative force".

President's Medal award(?)...RIBA/Royal Institute of British Architects...Yigit Cagirtekin (I assume he is or was an architecture student...)

Also learned something new. Labanotation.

Scroll down for muchos fotos.

Part 1 Project 2007
Yigit Cagirtekin
London South Bank University London UK
This project is derived from the passionate experience of the tango. Time and space are shaped by the experience and weight of the body and the lightness of movement.
The initial investigative processes and film work provided a critical framework around which the project has developed.
The twin programmes of dance school and plastic surgery are choreographed and evolved relative to the dynamic rhythm of the tango.
Structure, form and skin intertwine with the existing church and garden provoking a lyrical expression. This is a project that values and emphasises the temporal experience of architecture.

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