Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Abrazos Imborrables Tango Documentary

Abrazos Imborrables trailer (official) - English version from Soluble Films on Vimeo.

The tango film 'Abrazos Imborrables' will be premiering this Sunday May 6 at 12pm at the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival in Austin (at the Mexican American Cultural Center at 600 Red River St) with director Pablo Hadis in attendance...FREE and OPEN to the public!

Abrazos Imborrables - directed by Pablo Hadis
(Unforgettable Hugs)

A research into the causes of the resurgence of tango in Argentina and its adoption around the world. Contemporary tango legends, including those responsible for the comeback of tango, share their insights and first hand accounts on why tango has returned with such strength to the world stage, in this documentary produced with the collaboration of the Buenos Aires tango scene.

After decades of staying hidden from public view, tango makes a surprise return, spreading to the four corners of the world. Why are so many countries being filled with milongas? Why is youth returning to tango? Why is, in essence, a cultural expression from the late 1800s returning with such strength in the year 2000? What basic needs is it fulfilling, and what does this say about our current global society?

More info about the film:

Website: https://cinelasamericas.org/panorama-feature-films-claiff21/2018/abrazos-imborrables-unforgettable-hugs

Official Facebook Page:

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Janet Gilles said...

can hardly wait to see the documentary about the magnificent tango.