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Some things I have learned from leading socially - From MsHedgeHog

Some things I have learned from leading socially Dec 23, 2017
A few things I have learned about dancing, by regularly dancing both roles socially for two or three years. My experiences may or may not be in common with anyone else.

There is a tremendous range between OK, good, and great followers, of which they are almost all totally unaware.

Leading poor followers is very difficult; it requires a range of skills, resilience, and physical training.

Leading OK followers is fun, especially if they are interested or enthusiastic and easy to be with.

Leading good followers is more fun, especially if, etc.

Leading great followers is amazing, and you don't feel like you have to do anything, and whatever you do do is totally effortless.

There are a lot more than those categories.

Don't bother raiding the cool guys' “harems”, they're disappointing, dance-wise.

In a good ronda, under good physical conditions, with good followers, leading is cognitively much less demanding than following. The difference is dramatic. Getting the basics to a good standard is quite a lot of work, but if you can do that and then stay within what you've mastered, good and great followers will dance with you, and it is effortless.

It is possible to flirt with the table of glamorous Dutch lesbians through the medium of another woman's body.

There exist men who are both hot and good followers. Hang on a minute –

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