Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentine's Day Part 1 :: Lingerie

I ran across this on of all places, on the front page.

If I had a girlfriend, and if I had money to burn ($775 for this puppy), I would be buying this for her...for Valentine's Day...

To be continued...(since I don't have a girlfriend, I will do a reverse vicarious thing and post everything I would do for her, if I had her in my life, for Valentine's day)...stay tuned for Part 2...

You can find it on, and the designer is Carine Gilson...

Actually, now that I am about to click the "publish post" button, I am wondering to myself if it is not so much the lingerie piece that attracted me, but more the woman wearing it...hmmm


tangobaby said...

My Valentine's Day Wish for you, dear Alex, is that you get the lingerie...with the lingerie model.

An $800 teddy would not do every woman justice, but the thought is very sweet.

Alex said...

Yes, baby, $800 is a bit extravagant. What do they call it - conspicuous consumption?

I could see doing something more like $80.

How does the commercial go?

Knock-off of extravagant teddy - $80.

Veuve Clicquot champagne - $45.

Fresh raspberries - $4.99.

Two dozen grocery store roses - $30.

Candles - $20.

The girl putting the teddy on while the boy watches. And then the boy taking it right back off - $Priceless...

Now I'm giving away all of my secrets.