Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin :: "This may go down as the most peculiar VP choice in history"

Palin:: FundamentalistBornAgainBackwoodsValues

"I don't think she has ever said a word in her whole life about the national economy..."

"She should have Henry Kissinger babysitting her..."


joegrohens said...

In the top photo, what kind of beer is that guy drinking? Schlitz?

Alex said...

Hey Joe...yeah, it does look like a Schlitz to me...nasty...

Elizabeth said...

Is that picture of Palin real?

Alex said...

Now that I look at it closely, I think it is Photoshopped. Her face and hair are very sharp/clear, and from the next down, things get a little grainy/fuzzy.

Plus, I don't think they have outdoor pools in Alaska, nor do they have buff sandstone flagstone.

In addition, she is a moose hunter, and would probably not be a beer can plinker with a little .22 rifle. I imagine she is into long barrels and big bores.

Lastly, it appears the dude in the background is drinking a Schlitz beer, which I don't think has been brewed for some time now.

This is analysis is courtesy of Alex.Tango.Fuego, forensic photographic analyst in the genre of political poolside hunting swimsuit white trash glamour babe photographs.

xicana2 said...

I seriously doubt that she has even read the world news section of any newspaper. I find it all very sad.