Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Handforms :: Tete' Rusconi

tete' rusconi
Originally uploaded by leone.

Photo by Leone

Actually when this subject first cropped up in a tango forum/discussion list, and my hand position was referred to as odd/quirky, I did a little research and found that my hand form is very similar to the following dancers:

Tete Rusconi
Ruben Harbyamat
Gavito (when not doing a show) (deceased)
Dany 'El Flaco' Garcia
Osvaldo Cartery
Ricardo Vidort

Gustavo Naveira
Fabian Salas
Osvaldo Zotto
Omar Vega (deceased)

Ney Melo
Detlef Engel
Murat Erdemsel

I only found Julio Balmaceda's hand form to be different, leaning more towards the 'waiter with a tray' form...

All these guys are the examples from whom I draw inspiration...

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