Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It ain't over yet...

Thank God Obama won.

As U.S. citizens, our work has only just begun. A vast majority of citizens must now contact their Senators and Representatives and tell them that we are fed up. Fed up with partisan politics as usual. Fed up with year after year of things going down the tubes and nothing getting done. We must remind them that they answer to us, we the people. Now more than ever.

It's time for us all to get our shit together and start addressing the mountains of issues facing us. Economy, budget/deficit, foreign policy, energy, environment, education, healthcare, social security, social decay (all of the abuses/abusers, homelessness, affordable housing, etc.), infrastructure, and on and on. I think I'll ask for an appointment - Secretary of the Department for the Prevention of the Rampant Spread of Stupidity and Ignorance.

Obama can't do it alone.

Ghandi said it best - "BE the change you wish to see in the world."


zigadenus said...

Hey Alex, I'm so thrilled about tonight's results that I cannot sleep!

Following on the heels of "Yes, We Can." perhaps our new mantra should be, "I AM the change."

I try to live that every day, generating the compassion, joy, kindness and other qualities I wish to see in the world. Gandhi was on to something. It really works!

kendalee said...

So true! But taking the first step is often the hardest and Americans have not just stepped but leapt, haven't they? I'm so thrilled. And it's significant for the whole world. Congratulations!!!

Elizabeth said...

Amazing night. I actually thought of Gandhi when we were watching cool.

La Nuit Blanche said...

this howard zinn video is great.