Monday, December 29, 2008

Guerrilla Tango

[ Photo by alex.tango.fuego... ]

This is one of my shots from Guerrilla Milonga 4° on the rowing dock at Town Lake in Austin. It was a nice evening - warm and a bit windy - with a small but great group of folks. It was nice for me to break out of dancing mode and into photographer mode.

Although, one comment on the concept of the Guerrilla milonga, or Flash Mob tango. The idea is that these work best in public places with lots of people - and the people are surprised and captivated by the scene of folks breaking into spontaneous tango, and then dispersing into the crowd. It's both an artistic endeavor and a way to plant a few seeds to grow your local tango community, in theory.

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Red Shoes said...

I was telling a friend just yesterday that I wish for more guerrilla tango around here. I kind of like the notion of a pair of dancers with headphones jacked into the same mp3 player dancing their way, seemingly silently, down the street...