Monday, November 30, 2009

Buenos Aires Milonga Guide & Maps

From someone on Tango-L, here is a great milonga map & guide. Very useful if/when you go to Buenos Aires. When I went on my tango pilgrimage a few years ago, I got a great milonga listing from Sharukh, found a map of Buenos Aires and all the barrios online, and figgered it out for myself. I'm geo-centric, a geophile, whatever the word is - I have to look at a two dimensional pulp based graphical representation of the landscape (aka "a map") wherever I go in order to get my bearings - download the lay of the land so to speak. I'm disoriented in a new place until I get my hands on a map. It must be from my past life as a mountain man.

I love a good segue - even if it's a bit obtuse.

Here is the website with links to maps - norte y sur: [Note that there is other jazz on the website as well - classes/teachers, etc.]

Milonga Guide/Listing PDF File:

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tangocherie said...

Hi Alex,
My friend Howard's map is also good because it includes shoe stores, and photos of most of the milongas described: