Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Corto de animación For a Tango de Gabrielle Zuchelli

The only critique I would offer is that there seems to be a historical disconnect between the scenes in the animation and the news headlines and the soundtrack - maybe not - I don't have the time nor inclination to do the research.

I'll bite my tongue about the historical veracity of the knife fight, the fedoras and the dandy clothing. Those are my personal opinions anyway so I'll keep them to myself. This time.

Otherwise, I like it. The animation sequences are good. They are obviously done by someone, or with extensive input from someone who understands/dances tango.

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Alberto said...


Your reservations are totally reasonable since the clip is very cute but absolutely devoid of any documentary or historical content.

The animation is excellent and there is a working knowledge of choreography involved in it. The idea would have also worked if instead of knifes the dancers would have held lollipops, Spanish fans, or carrots like Bugs Bunny.

The archival photos of immigrants descending from the boats, living in awful conditions, etc, etc, have no correlation to any music popular at the time. Poverty was and still is poverty anywhere, anytime.

Thank you for sharing.