Thursday, November 26, 2009


A day at the landfill[A day at the landfill...foto by AlexTangoFuego]

There is so much to be thankful for this year. Too much to mention. I'm just happy to be having family and close friends out to the ranch today for some sumptuous grub. A campfire to chase away the chill. Some stars overhead. Good stuff. All very good stuff.

Gratitude in all aspects of a man's life - it's a nice feeling.

Hope you are feeling it too.


Nelda McEwen said...

I like your thoughts. I like what you think about dance, and how it can transform our lives if we allow it. I like how you work within nature.....and I enjoy your blog very much. Mostly I am just mad on Argentine Tango. We have a local club in the boonies of Ontario. We meet once a week to impress one another with the one thing we learned that week. (via internet streams, DVD and vids). I too am grateful.

Alex said...

Thanks so much Nelda! It means a lot to me to get feedback like this. I appreciate it, and thanks for being a regular reader.

Best of luck with your budding tango community!