Friday, December 18, 2009

The Architecture of Tango

Nothing profound, folks, just a concept that popped into my head this morning - a photo/graphical representation to make us think about things in a different way with regard to the ongoing debate. "Us" being Me, Myself and I.

[ Some of us don't get out to dance much, and so are left with reading and thinking and pondering about tango as the only outlet to feed our addiction. ]

Thoughts, comments, philosophies, and/or observations on the subject greatly appreciated, as always...

The Architecture of Tango


tangocherie said...

Hey Alex,
Put up pictures of "Alternative" and "Stage," in order to represent all 4 styles of Tango architecture.

As Ruben says, there are only 2 tango styles: good and bad; those could also be represented, but harder to define.

Wouldn't it be fun to dance at Versaille? That would be my style. :)

Simba said...

All this talk about 'traditional' tango actually bothers me a bit. I would argue that tango the dance is very modern. One could argue that the nuevo methodology is deconstuctionist, which would maye make it post modern.

Correspondingly, a better architectural counterpart to the Gehry building would be one by e.g. Le Corbusier :-)