Monday, December 7, 2009

A couple of bugs, or a bug couple...

Right around dusk last night, we were out on the deck visiting with a friend from out of town, and enjoying a nice fire in the chiminea. When I picked up a log, I noticed these two hanging out underneath. Naturally, I had to go grab the camera, twist on the macro lens, and start shooting.

The depth of field on that sucker is extreeemly narrow, and with someone holding the log (e.g. not a stationary target), and me manually focusing, it became difficult to get a focused shot. I used a remote flash unit with a small softbox diffuser on it.

As far as the bugs go, I'm not sure what they are - they appeared to be different species, but might have been a male & female, or momma and (big) baby, mating, or just hanging out trying not to freeze to death.

Don't worry, I gently urged them to crawl away before dropping the log into the blaze.

A couple of bugs, or a bug couple...#1

A couple of bugs, or a bug couple...#2

[Fotos by Alex.Tango.Fuego]

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Tangoleader said...

I think those are ticks Alex.