Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dan Barber :: Como me enamoré de un pez

Food Inc.

We've been watching the documentary "Food, Inc." for a few weeks now - I think we're two-thirds of the way through it. It's "everything you didn't want to know" about our industrial/factory food/farming system. I was surprised to find out that most farm raised fish is corn-fed. Just about everything we eat is corn-fed. Check out "Food, Inc.". You'll never eat another hamburger, I promise. Even pork will be difficult after you see the brief glimpse of the pig crusher/killer mechanism. It is disturbing, and it is a "must see". Disturbing and very cool at the same time - with regard to the really interesting farmers who are on the forefront of sustainability.

Depressing, and enlightening, and invigoratingly (probably not a word) positive and uplifting all at the same time. There is hope. Which reminds me of a new thing I came up with last night - driving back from the San Antonio airport in the rain and fog - fetching her back to the ranch - weaving along Devil's Backbone in the waning dusky darkness. The new thing? "Severely Unenlightened". I'm sure I can find lots of uses for this one. But I digress to the subject of yet another post.

I've been on a green/organic/sustainability/(and now)food *FRAUD* bender of late - thanks in large part to the disturbing details presented in "Food, Inc.". But that is the subject of another post.

The real subject (and title of) of this post is this video from It is Chef Dan Barber's TedTalk "I fell in love with a fish" - talking about his search for sustainably raised fish. He was surprised to learn that his favorite fish, the one he was first in love with, that was supposedly "sustainably" farmed raised, in floating pens far out in the ocean, was fed 30% "sustainable protein" aka chicken meal pellets.

He does ultimately find a new fish to love. In Spain. I love Spain. I have always loved Spain. My 7th great maternal grandmother was from Spain. Maria de Jesus Delgado Curbelo. Or Curbelo Delgado. I forget.

Mari seems to have more time than me these days for all the good finds, and we apparently think alike. The check for "research services" is in the mail Mari. Thanks for this one! Sincerely.

Note that subtitles are now available - in 12 different languages!

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Alex said...

I had only watched the first few minutes of the video when I posted this. I just finished watching it.


Definitely a must see. And please, please share this with everyone in your life.