Monday, April 19, 2010

Musicality Resurrected Redux

Regurgitating an old post for a friend. Eleven [11] different couples dancing to Francisco Canaro's "Poema".

Make that 12. Here's Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes.

From an old post...buried in the archives from just over a year ago...when I had two visitors a there was zero commentary...maybe now we can get some discussion going...

Here are some examples of different musical interpretations, different musicality expressions, all danced to the song "Poema" by Francisco Canaro:

Jennifer Bratt y Ney Melo::

Geraldine Rojas y Javier Rodriguez::

Moira Castellano y Pablo Inza::

Mila y Korey::

Silvia y Tete::

Romina Tumini y Silvio Lavia::

Natacha Poberaj & Fabian Peralta::

Eugenia Parrilla y Mariano 'Chicho' Frúmboli::

Luna Palacios y Carlos Copello::

And one new one...

Homer y Cristina Ladas::

And one more...
Melina Sedo & Detlef Engel dance to Poema, a Tango by Francisco Canaro in Geneve, Switzerland. Occasion is the Milonga of Kap'Danse in April 2008.

Do you have a favorite? Comments? Observations? Epiphanies?


Anonymous said...

For me, no one touches Natacha. No matter with whom she's dancing.

aytac said...

This version of the Javier & Geraldine video is not properly synchronised with the music I think - here's a link that does their musicality justice:

I might change my mind some time in the future, who knows, but their dancing is gorgeous. Next for me is Chicho and Eugenia.

The two couples I think have excellent musicality, although different styles. Javier & Geraldine convey so much feeling.