Friday, April 9, 2010

The Incomparable Junior Brown

Think of a used tractor salesman from Plainview, Texas, way out here, who works hard by day selling John Deere tractors, but by night, he teaches himself to play guitar and even figures out how to customize a GUIT-Steel. That's what Junior Brown reminds me of. Although I think he's from Lubbock, and he may have been an elementary or junior high school principal and coach. He has that look. [None of this is true...I made this stuff up...]

He's actually from Cottonwood, Arizona, and man can this guy play. Consummate professional performer. I first saw him at Antone's in Austin, standing dead center right in front of him during the entire show. I think he dripped sweat on me. He'll be at Gruene Hall in Gruene (pronounced 'green') tomorrow night, and the Continental Club on Sunday night.

My favorite song of his is "My Wife Thinks You're Dead", which you can dance tango to.

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