Sunday, April 3, 2016


Houston, do we have a problem? On the subject of the Democratic Party's "Superdelegate" structure in the Presidential primary, wherein these individuals can pledge their vote in a manner contrary to the majority of voters in a State. Do we need to take steps to eliminate the Superdelegate from the Democratic Presidential Primary process?

I think we do, because it's basically saying "We understand that the people/the majority have voted for the candidate they think is the best candidate to run against the Republican candidate, and the candidate the majority ultimately believe will make the best President/'Leader of The Free World'/Commander in Chief, but we think you/the majority, don't really know what's best for the country/what you're doing in this democracy and this election process, therefore, we intend to override the desire/intent of the majority, and cast our delegate pledge for another candidate who did not win the majority in the popular vote for the Democratic candidate in the Presidential Primary Election of this State."

If you think about it, the Superdelegate principle is very Un-Democratic (as in not a Democracy), and is pretty fucking bad for the Country and the Party.

Please get involved in your own governance. There is work to be done. Miles to go before we sleep.


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