Friday, April 29, 2016

How many people y'all reckon "believe" climate disruption is real, and is a problem?

How many people y'all reckon "believe" climate disruption is real, and is a problem? There are 243,000,000 souls 16 and over in the U.S. not that young people 8-15 don't count - many of them may have opinions on the subject. Let's just say 250m for easy math. If 50% lean Independent, and 25% each are reds and blues, then... ah fuck I don't know where I'm going with this. Surely half, 125m is way to large a number. I'll venture a gut instinct that it's closer to 50m who are "believers". I bet that's even too high. 30 million? 10% of the total population? Prolly.

So then, amongst 30 million souls… How many do you think or hyper aware and hyper active… To the point that they're actually doing something about their carbon footprint? I'll bet less than 3m, prolly way less.

Things like living off the grid, living in tiny housing, living in cooperative, co-, communal, or otherwise extremely low-energy-consumptive lifestyles. The car-less, cyclists, motorcyclists, EV'ers, walkers, mass transit-ites.

Discount EV'rs who live in large, glass, energy "efficient " energy hogging houses.

Add in PassivHaus, and NetZero dwelling dwellers. I bet there's barely 50,000 of those.

Even with the large metro areas benefitting from mass transit, I'll hold at 3 and 30 million.

My point is this: WE AREN'T DOING JACK SHIT ENOUGH to reduce carbon emissions.

Too many non-believers. Too many cash-strapped and apathetic believers. Retro-fitting a single-family dwelling unit with a heat pump (energy efficient a/c), solar PV panels, energy efficient appliances, hell even only LED light bulbs - it all takes cash. Either folks don't have it (disposable), or they've got other/higher material or experiential priorities.

I'd venture the vast majority are oblivious/unaware, and if they were, they wouldn't give a shit. The health of the planet, and the viability of our children, their children, and on and on, simply are not important enough.

It's sad really. We are killing this wondrous planet. And humanity in the process.

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