Friday, April 29, 2016

We'll see

We'll see. As the status quo continues year after year, there will be more and more disenfranchised, getting more and more disgruntled as they struggle to live paycheck to paycheck. As the numbers of "those who have nothing to lose" continue to grow each year, things will continue to unravel. Untenable is not a strong enough word. Hillary is status quo. Our profoundly dysfunctional system of governance, our profoundly unsustainable "growth at all costs myth of perpetual growth", our profoundly dysfunctional society - are all status quo until the illusory "foundations", "ideology" on which they are based - are shaken, destroyed, and rebuilt. I am an idealist and a Cynic, I know. We will likely never, in one fell swoop of 4-8-12 years, never truly madly deeply and dramatically and effectively and meaningfully make the substantial and difficult changes that are necessary to move to a sustainable (and more just and equitable) way of life. FDR did it. I'm sure it's been done before in the history of humanity. My hope is that I will see it occur in my lifetime, before the 16-24-28 year time frame. It may, however, more realistically be an Age of Enlightenment level event - unraveling and unfolding and rebuilding over many decades - possibly many centuries. Likely with another "Dark Ages" thrown into the mix. The one primary caveat being if the planet is still in a position to sustain human life. For that sole reason, time is of the essence - and sooner is better than later. Bernie is sooner. Hillary (et al) is later. I've "known" this in my heart of hearts and in my gut for forty years now. The vast majority, however, still believe everything is just fine the way it is and that as a Nation and a People, that we're on the right track.

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