Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Last night I dreamt...

Actually from way back in 2014...saved as a draft for some reason...

Last night I dreamt that I found $141 in my pocket. Two twenty's, a hundred dollar bill, and a one. I was at a quaint little shop of some sort, somewhere, not in America, buying something. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a fold/wad of bills and as I unfolded them, was surprised at the completely unexpected windfall.

The next scene was on a beach. It was a very narrow beach with very steep, almost cliff-like dunes about twelve to fourteen feet high. It would have been fruitless to even try to climb up them. The surf was building very fast. Eight to ten foot high breakers pounding the sand, but somehow, not us. I could see a spot further down the beach, a break in the dunes where they were lower - six to eight feet - where we could climb up and escape the certain death. "We" being "she and I". A faceless and nameless woman. Familiar, and deeply known, but blank and dark and distant to my dreaming consciousness.

We clambered up, the sand caving in and cascading down under our pumping legs.

We made it, just as the waves came crashing in behind us, and we walked away into the moonlit darkness.

I rarely remember my dreams. Hell, I don't even remember if I dream these days.

Lots of shit going on in there.

Lots of shit.

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