Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nice Tango Videos :: Tango, A Message from the Concrete Jungle (2013)

So on Vimeo (which I like better than YouTube, because it's more film-maker-ey and artsy-fartsy) there are lots of people trying their hands at amateur shorts and such, as well as pros. People wanting to tell a tango story using video as their medium. Tons and tons. So many that it would be difficult/impossible to sift and parse through all of them. There almost needs to be an TangoIMDB of all of the best. Feature length films with tango elements in them (very few), documentaries (more), and shorts, probably in the thousands.

Anyway, just blathering.

Here's a nice one.

Tango, A Message from the Concrete Jungle from ColdSun Productions on Vimeo.


This poetry video is an elegant dance between the city of Buenos Aires and the Tango. The poem is written by Andres Bosso and the music composed by the poets brother, Jorge Bosso.

The city of Buenos Aires, the poem and this intimate partner dancing inspired us to shoot this video.

Directed by Alessio Cuomo

Cinematographer: Ignacio Masllorens

Poem by Andres Bosso, taken from the book Luz Natural

Music: Tango's Gedanke

Composed by Jorge Bosso

Poem recorded at IDQ Studio Utrecht

Translation by Matthijs Beeren & Jean Lanham

Special thanks to the tango dancers: Tatiana Lopez, Edison Chaves, Lucy Attwood, Gonzalo Navarro

Camera: Canon 60D

Edited & color graded in Final Cut Pro and Magic Bullet.

A ColdSun Production © 2013

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