Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ignacio Varchausky :: Estilos Fundamentales de Tango Seminarios

I ran across this on YouTube and created a playlist - somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 or 22 hours of lectures by Ignacio Varchausky on the "fundamental styles of tango". All in Spanish, but no worries for those of us whose Spanish sucks. Click the little gear icon at the lower right of the video screen and turn on the auto-generated Spanish subtitles, let them populate, then click on "auto-translate" and pick your language. It will hesitate for a moment while it's queuing up. Thank God for Google.

Also note that Ignacio is the founder of TangoVia - a non-profit and website which aims at preserving, spreading and developing tango culture throughout the world. Be sure to check out their Tango CD collections, although the Spanish version website is better for this. Looks like you could find them on Amazon, but there are no direct purchase links.

There are also a dozen or so playlists on the Parkinson TeVe YouTube Channel, or click on "Videos" to see everything listed individually. Lots of stuff to watch and listen and ponder and learn here, including various live orchestra performances.

Here are the titles of the videos in the playlist I've created (above):

La Milonga
El o Los Choclos
De Caro
Elementos Basicos

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