Wednesday, March 7, 2018

La Vida Es Corta :: Tango Short by Bassel Hamieh, with Naomi Harris

TANGO: La Vida Es Corta - Life is Short!
Bassel Hamieh is celebrating life with Naomi Harris in Los Angeles, California...on Saturday ·
NEW TANGO SHORT FILM!!! "La Vida Es Corta" - Life is Short! Got to work on this small project with the beautiful Naomi Harris. It was hard to convince her at first, but I knew she would be the perfect fit for it as she not only is a beautiful person on the inside and out, but is an extremely beautiful dancer. When she finally said yes, we spent 3 hours in the cold to film this. It was so fun! Hope you enjoy it.

The song is obviously "La Vida Es Corta", composed by Ricardo Tanturi, lyrics by Francisco Gorrindo, sung by Alberto Castillo, recorded on February 19, 1941.

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