Saturday, March 3, 2018

Open Call for Tango Tattoos

Possibly the most famous, famously artistic tango tattoo in the world lives and dances right here in Austin...the impaled heart on by yours truly, whilst DJ'ing at Tazza...

I figger'd I'd do a post on tango tattoos, but not many images show up in "tango tattoo" searches due to the co-opting of the word "Tango" by a certain Texas fraternal order/civic organization. And I'm guessing there are lots of tango tattoos out there that wouldn't necessarily show up in an image search anyway. I've collected a dozen or so for a future post, but that's about it.

So I'm issuing an open call for people to submit images of their tango related tango-centric tango tattoos. Along with the back story of the tattoo. Or your thinking about deciding selecting the image and also the name/city of the tattoo artist, por favor. Obviously if you know someone who has one if you can share this post or otherwise let them know.

Send images to "the name of this blog without the dots" at gmail. Alternatively perhaps leave a link in the comments. Or DM me on FB.

Gracias in advance.

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