Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tango::"The Surrender" [Follow up]

I've been reading with great interest all of the comments that readers have been leaving on my prior post "The Surrender".

Danzarin's comment in particular (at 5:30am this morning) got me to wondering, is it, this ever elusive "surrender", that is responsible for what we call the tango "epiphany", some call the "tangasm". That special dance with the special someone that may not be repeated all night - nor in a month of dances, nor a year of dances.

For me, I have always said these occured for me one in one hundred dances - alhtough it may be more like one in fifty or one in thirty. Except for the one follower - the one where only one in one hundred dances does not feel like this. Two souls - two energetic beings - our true beings - our true "selves" - embracing one another - a concept that came to me in a dream many months ago.

Is there a tango "soulmate" for each of us? The "one"? The Neo and the Trinity?


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there is no tango "soulmate" for us. It's not "the one" person, but THE ONE totality. Being able to get beyond the individual to connect with the one true nature that is the true essence of each of us. Having a heart that is open and a partner with a heart that is open and both people merging with the music is what brings about the tango connection. For some reason that I can't explain, this seems to happen to me with great frequency in Buenos Aires, but is almost nonexistent when I dance in the U.S. Also, it's not only the U.S. Even when in Buenos Aires and dancing with wonderful dancers from other countries, this amazing connection and tango heaven was not there. I think it's a matter of letting yourself go to truly feel the music from your heart and responding to that music. For instance, in B.A. there were many times when dancing with Portenos that we never broke the connection between songs in the tanda. That never happens to me in the U.S. At El Beso I danced one tanda with Cacho Dante and we never broke the connection. It was amazing heartfelt dancing. That is what will take me back to Buenos Aires over and over again.

La Nuit Blanche said...

i love this beautiful post. thank you, alex!

here is to hoping out tango soumates are our life soul mates. sad, but this is rarely the case...