Sunday, September 9, 2007


I was getting longwinded in my Post Script below, so I decided to start a new post on this topic. One of my current lead frustrations is the superslow cross. Followers have been conditioned to snap or pop their left foot into the cross. By doing that, by "defaulting", you have blocked an opportunity for the lead. I have been trying to lead a "superslow" cross, overstepping on the 5 of the basic, and then slowly, very slowly, dragging (or leading the slow caress) of the follower's left foot into the cross. It's mostly a musicality thing. Sometimes I can get a slow caress for about half the distance, and then "pop", that left foot assumes the cross position.

Please just be aware...wait for the lead...try not to automatically default...please...

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tangobaby said...


You're so right about that defaulting. I just took a class last week and that's what the emphasis was...not doing the cross until you're really really led to it. As a follower, the cross is drilled into your head from the first class you take, it's a little disorienting not to do something that you think you're supposed to, and you realize you've been on autopilot all this time.

So be patient with some of us...this goes against all we've been taught to follow! But now I understand more.