Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Milonguero Consciousness

From Tango-L (Tango List)...and for those who know what I am talking about...Theirry Le Cocq has the absolute fastest feet in milonga...

See the Tango-L post below about an interview in which he talks about the milonguero "consciousness"(my word)...

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The August 2007 issue of B.A. Tango -- Buenos Aires Tango magazine contains an interview by Tito Palumbo with Theirry Le Cocq of France.

He relates how he began with tango after meeting his partner Veronique at a swing dance. Although they had classes with different teachers in France, they never found anyone able to talk to them about the roots or culture of tango. Teachers only talked about technique, they didn't talk about feelings. He and his partner eventually travelled to Buenos Aires in 2000 and discovered another world. He asked someone to tell him who the best milonguero was, and Ricardo Vidort was pointed out to him in El Beso.

Ricardo became his friend and advisor, like a father. He learned that tango is not only a way of dancing, but a way of living. In the past he danced nonstop. Now he enjoys it in a different way. He doesn't need to dance nonstop, but watches and listens. This is what he found in Buenos Aires.

He comes once a year for three weeks or a month with Veronique.

Thierry says, I think the future of tango is milonguero because life is like that. We have to combine life experiences with technical knowledge. When we master both, we start appreciating the emotion of this dance. A full and calm emotion. It is better to learn this philosophy early, rather than later, when it is too late. This is what I try to show when I dance here, a little technique and a bit more of emotion dancing with the melodies that the composer provided. All this is my personal search. I will always remember Ricardo Vidort without whom none of this would have happened


Tina said...

I read that on Tango-L too and was touched to see that there are people who really do understand.

Nice blog by the way... I love the header image - is that one of your photographs? Gorgeous.

Alex said...

Thanks Tina...yes, it's a "self-portrait" if you will...my camera on a tripod set on automatic...

And yes, it is nice to know that there are some of us out there who understand the true nature of tango...

I like your blog, too...you are great writer...