Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Houston Tango Festival 3° :: This Weekend

It's not too late to book a flight or pack your bags and jump in the car for a tango road trip - more fun and environmentally friendly with a carload.

You know what they say about Texas - everything is bigger and better. Not arrogant. Just true.

Throw caution to the wind.

Just do it.

Dear friends,

The Houston Tango Festival will start in 2 days. Please find attached an overview of the Milongas and Practicas.

Many hugs,
Antje [and Mikas]

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Houston Tango Festival Milongas & Practicas, January 14-18, 2010

.::. Thursday - Firehouse Welcome Milonga .::.
10pm to 3am with DJ Lung Kuei (New York)
Held at the beautiful, historic Fire Station in the Heights (107 West 12th Street at 12th & Yale). Includes in milonga price the "Art of Floor Craft" class with Homer & Cristina Ladas (San Francisco) from 9pm to 10pm. Wear something red or hot to this opening milonga!

.::. Friday - Live Music Milonga .::.
10pm to 3am with DJ Avik (Ann Arbor)
At Rice University - featuring live music performance with Glover Gill & Korey Ireland around midnight. Includes in milonga price "Chacarera" class from 9pm to 10pm with Santiago Dorkas & Cecilia Garcia (Buenos Aires)

.::. Friday - "Dancing with the Future Stars" Milonga .::.
10pm to 1am with DJ Tova (Boston)
At Rice University - special milonga from 10pm to 1am for those who have danced tango for less than one year or prefer less crowded floors.

.::. Saturday - Tangojunkies Practica .::.
- 4pm to 7pm with DJ Jay (San Diego)
At Rice University - featuring tangoshrine and well-traveled tango addicts.

.::. Saturday - The Three Graces All Night Milonga .::.
- 10pm to 5am with DJ Shorey (San Francisco)
At Rice University - featuring performances with teachers around 1am. Elegant attire encouraged.

.::. Saturday - Alternative Colorful Socks Milonga .::.
- 10pm to 1am with DJ Andrew (Eugene)
At Rice University - featuring tango rap performance by Momo. Colorful socks encouraged.

.::. Sunday - Ultimate Texas Practica .::.
- 4pm to 7pm with DJ Mercy (Houston)
At Rice University - featuring the historic appearance of the Ultimate Mustachioed Tango Mariachi Band. Jeans, boots & Texan attitude encouraged.

.::. Sunday - Dark & Light Milonga .::.
- 10pm to 3am with DJ Lampis (San Diego)
At Rice University - featuring live music by Dancers' Orquesta led by Korey Ireland (Kansas City).

.::. Monday - Anythinggoeslonga .::.
- 4pm to 7pm with DJ Jaimes (Seattle)
At AvantGarden (411 Westheimer) - featuring full bar, tango jam and anything goes.

Check updated festival schedule, pricing and locations here:

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