Sunday, January 3, 2010

Multiple Milongasms

Tanguera Worship
"Tanguera Worship" by Rigoberto [for AlexTangoFuego]

"The state of being so completely immersed in the music [milonga] and so profoundly [metaphysically] connected with your partner that movement flows from within the partnership absent conscious thought." [Dan Boccia of TangoTrance, Alaska]

It happened last night, with two different followers, two tandas, eight songs. Yes, our divine teacher/organizer and newly married DJ was playing four-sies for milonga tandas. I think. I was absent conscious thought, dancing milonga with my eyes [mostly] closed.

I had never given this possibility a second thought. Nor a first thought. The possibility of a "tangasm" or tango trance whilst dancing milonga has never occured to me. Interesting. One of the followers is a woman I haven't danced with much over the past year. At all. We danced once or twice a few years ago. She's always been in high demand, and I've just never asked/cabaceo'd. I'm bad about that. Too much thinking and not enough dancing. That's going to change. Wow.

Perhaps most amazing, these multiple milongasms happened with my sugarpiehoneybunch watching.


Anyone else ever have this happen?

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