Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wall of Rock of Eye

Wall of Rock of Eye
[Foto by AlexTangoFuego]

A post-it note, half-crumpled on the kitchen island, from being stuffed into my pocket, scribbled with "rock of eye...things you know but you don't even know you know..."...from a Pierce Brosnan line in the film "The Tailor of Panama"...tailor-speak I suppose...bespoke speak...which led me to dig out from my office bookshelf "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell and dust it off...and in Googling around to write this post, one of my de/re/pository posts, led me to this...

Rock of Eye

There was to be a tango tie with the whole "rock of eye" thing, but it never manifested in my mind, or I forgot the tie, or I forgot to remember...must not have been important...

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