Saturday, October 13, 2007

Aprés Tango

I took these photos last night, through the window of an art gallery. We have lots and lots of art galleries in Aspen and the art, not suprisingly, is very expensive. I will go back to this gallery today and check the price tag...

Everyone in our small tango group loves this painting. I am surprised that it hasn't sold already. It's been in the window for over a year now. It reminds me of an "aprés tango" scene, one which I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing.

The question is this: Is she leaving after having had her way, or is she about to get into bed with her man? When I first saw it, it struck me as though she were leaving, leaving the man spent and exhausted (and probably asleep) after a night of tango oblivion and then lovemaking.

The artist is Antonio Tamburro, an Italian living in Spain. He has an impressive CV including painting several frescoes in churches. The original oil is $25,000 US, this is a giclee print with oil applied by the artist for $4,200 US.

What do you guys think?

Aprés Tango

Then here is a metal sculpture that was just next to the painting...I like this piece too...

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william said...

I don't think you get the Tango interpretation of the painting. That's her husband in bed, who has no interest in Tango. Obviously, she is either returning home from or sneaking out to dance.