Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Revisiting Tina Tangos on :: How to Sit at a Milonga

I always thought this was a good one...and very valuable/necessary/proper... written by Tina on her "siguiendo mi corazón :: tango, love, buenos aires" blog

Here is the "How to Sit at a Milonga" article...


Elizabeth said...

Hey Alex,
Tina would look good even if she wore overalls to a milonga. But the legs thing...nice, and it is part of being awake and aware of the presentation. I think we non latin peoples sometimes slack off in that department. Tango has been good for us, no?

Tina said...

Oh Elizabeth you're too kind ;-)

But exactly, it's not so much about accurate leg placement as it is about being alert and making it visually known that we are ready to dance.