Monday, October 22, 2007

Non-Tango :: Dance quells prison violence and teaches love...

Taken from the video blog on Nerve::

You’ve probably seen the charming, disarming video of 1500 Philippino prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Oh but there’s more…a little bit of mambo in their lives, Sister Act (above) and…the Black Eyed Peas?

Thank God CNN brings the scoop (click here to see them perform Electric Dreams for CNN’s Hugh Riminton):

• About 1,500 inmates at Philippines prison are forced to dance every day
• One of their stars is a self-described "she-male" awaiting trial on meth charges
• Prison boss says violence has ceased ever since dancing started
• Accused mass-murderer inmate says dancing has taught him "love"

10/23 :: Addendum :: It doesn't look like they are "forced" very harshly, certainly not at gunpoint, and my guess is that they would much rather be out of their cells dancing, practicing, listening to music, and getting fresh air. I would say this is more positive therapy and better "rehabilitation" in theory. I would rather criminals re-entering society having experienced dance than the alternatives.


Eva said...

Alex, funny I also posted this video several weeks ago. There appears to be some controversy over human rights. Well one thing is for sure, they are a talented bunch. I don't think you can drill that into people, no matter how many hours they are forced to practice.

Alex said...

Hey Eva...

What's the human rights controversy?


Eva said...

hi alex, here's a link a fellow blogger sent me.