Saturday, October 20, 2007

My dream last night...

I was treated to dinner by my closest tango friends in Aspen - as a "going away" celebration. It's sad really, to leave Aspen behind after 10 years, and leave behind my tango friends of 3 years.

At the restaurant, a friend from another table, Giovanna, came up to me to say goodbye - I ran into her earlier in the week and told her of my move. She said that she was sorry we didn't have the chance to get to know each other better. We hugged for a moment there between the tables, and I walked back to my table, choking back the tears which are now flowing freely. It was a beautiful thing for her to say, in my friend La Nuit Blanche's words - "terrible beauty".

Back to my dream...After too many pomegranate martinis, I crashed at about 1:30am. I dreamed that my Uncle and I were fishing large tree branches out of a river. (I did this last summer at a friend's lake house - there were many large branches in the lake after a close call by a tornado.) We were camping and as I pulled a particularly large branch out of the water and up into the woods, I was struck with the (apparent) fact that it was late morning but it was still very dark. Thick clouds loomed overhead, and it was like it was night, but you could tell on the horizon that the sun was up.

As I turned to go back to the river, I noticed two large bears - polar bears of all the possible species (Earlier in the day, I had watched some YouTube footage of the National Wildlife Federation's trip to Greenland - to witness the melting of the ice firsthand.) The two bears were wearing colorful sweaters - like stuff animals would.

I ran down to the river, behind them, but they caught my scent and started running, chasing me down I suppose. I ran the "tarzan run" trying to elude them, but they were close behind on my trail. They were talking to each other - in English - having a casual conversation like a momma bear and a baby bear - the momma was explaining in detail how to track/sniff prey.

And then I woke up...

Looming darkness...being chased by talking sweatered polar bears...a tangled mass of large tree branches under water...camping with my's either all very profound and auspicious...or it's the martinis...

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